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General Musings

  • Closed for the 2022 season

    Closed for the 2022 season Unfortunately due to weather, our second crop of blueberries hasn’t ripened. We’ll be closed for the picking season. There are no U-Pick or Prepicked blueberries available. Sorry for the confusion. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for making the 2022 season a success. We hope to see you…

  • Berries Back for a Limited Time

    Hey everyone, Blueberries are back, but only for a limited time. We will be open for two days, July 30 – July 31 2022 (closing @4pm on the 31st), to allow everyone to pick the rest of the blueberries. Its been a wonderful season and we hope you enjoyed the U-Pick. We may have some…

  • Bees Bees Bees

    The are hard at work pollinating all of our bushes. We can’t wait for the first berries of the season! bees???? #bees #beesofinstagram #pollinators #blueberry #blueberries #organicblueberries #organic #organicfarming #ontario #ontariofarmers #ontariofarms

  • New Arrivals

    The have arrived on the farm! Time for pollination to begin.

  • Spring Update

    We have been busy pruning on our sunny days! The bushes on the left have had their haircut, while the bushes on the right are waiting for the next sunny day. Looking forward to Spring and the coming season! Just a reminder: we do have some frozen blueberries still available. 1.5lbs bag for $11.00